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Hi everyone, I don't know what you all celibrate but I hope you have a great time doing it!! I'll be thinking about you threw my holidays and I will be wishing you are having as much fun as I am :) I hope all your holiday wishes come true and that you are happy with friends and family.
Love ya!!

Your friend,


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Friends are loyal,
they always tell you things youd never expect,
They fill your heart with hopes and dreams, to brighten up a day or make everything seem real and un-mean...

friends are forever ,
friends are a gift , when you feel moody ,
they give you a lift ,
friends are faithful,
and true ,
making you laugh and curing the blues ,
you can t have too many , only too few ,
a true friend will be your friend for life, a friend for life, you've got nothing to lose.

The above poem was written by me and a very good friend, hope u like it.