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guys this is my home work

In my mind English riding is easier then Western. Though I have never tried Western I have a best friend that has been doing it for a couple years. She says that my opinion is wrong, that western is harder cause you can participate in Western sport such as roping, pole bending and barrel racing which involve making fast turns and more concentration on the riding. One day she told me that she almost fell off just because her horse jumped over a train track, I was very amused at this for in English riding you have to learn how to jump the horses and the most important part to stay on with out losing your balance!

In English riding you have nothing to hold on to except the reins (never ever pull on the reins if hurts the horses mouth). With the Western saddle you have a big handle sticking out between your legs called the horn which you can hold on to when ever you need to. When you ride English style you are all ways concentrating on holding the reins just above the horses withers and to keep your heal, hip and, head in line with each other. There are so many things to remember that many people forget and accidentally scare the horse. For instance when youre about to go over a jump you must keep your heals down, eyes forward, legs on the saddle, hands up the horses neck and when you come over the jump its everything in revers.
When you ride English you have to post and term used for when a rider rises up and down to the beet off the horses trot. In Western riding you just sit on the horse and try to keep your seat.
On a Western saddle the stirrups are long, in English there is no annoying horn in your way. On the Western saddle you may have one or two girths but on the English you may only have one.

This is a really cool site 4 kids it has games, a chat room, classifieds, wanted adds, music, art, and a TON more.